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OECD Foreign Bribery Report: An Analysis of the Crime

Data and research on bribery and corruption including tax crime bribery in international business money laundering and public sector corruption This report endeavours to measure and to describe transnational corruption based on data from the 427 foreign bribery cases that have been concluded since the entry into force of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention in 1999

Free industry and industry reports from The Economist

In our latest report The Economist Intelligence Unit identifies and assesses the top five risks to the global political and economic order in 2020 Each of the risks is outlined and rated in terms of its likelihood This report provides a sample of our unrivalled risk-quantification abilities Our renowned Country Risk Service and Risk Briefing products support our clients to anticipate and

Bjorn's Corner: ET302 crash report the first analysis

Here follows additional analysis after studying the information in the Preliminary Crash Report Figure 1 The general Flight Data Recorder trace from ET302 Source: ET302 preliminary report The report confirmed our assumptions The report released by the Ethiopian Ministry of Transport is a preliminary report It follows the structure of the Lion Air JT610 preliminary report It confirms

Sales analysis report (SalesAnalysis)

Sales analysis report (SalesAnalysis) 04/18/2014 2 minutes to read In this article Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Use this report to view the invoice sales within a specific time period or by a specific salesperson or sales unit

Malware Analysis Reports

Malware Analysis Reports r/ Malware Join hot hot new top rising hot new top rising card card classic compact 66 pinned by moderators Posted by 4 years ago Archived Please view before posting on /r/malware! 66 21 comments share save 87 Posted by 7 months ago Moderator of r/Malware Archived AMAs Wanted: Calling any and all professional reverse engineers malware

World Wealth Report

World Wealth Report 2019 The World Wealth Report 2019 is the industry's leading benchmark for tracking high net worth individuals (HNWIs) their wealth and the global and economic conditions that drive change in the Wealth Management industry To navigate the current disruptive environment this edition of the report explores how next-gen capabilities including artificial intelligence and

Sustainability and Reporting Trends in 2025

Sustainability and Reporting Trends in 2025 – Preparing for the Future – GRI's Reporting 2025 Project: First Analysis Paper May 2015 ABOUT GRI GRI is an international not-for-profit organization working in the public interest towards a vision of a sustainable global economy where organizations manage their economic environmental social and governance performance and impacts

analysis report 2019

The report compares 2019 results to 2018 where appropriate All comparisons are based on a balanced panel of organisations that submitted data consistently for both years Correlation analysis is used throughout this report to analyse the relationship between two measures While it

Global Climate Report

Introduction Temperature anomalies and percentiles are shown on the gridded maps below The anomaly map on the left is a product of a merged land surface temperature (Global Historical Climatology Network GHCN) and sea surface temperature (ERSST version 5) anomaly analysis Temperature anomalies for land and ocean are analyzed separately and then merged to form the global analysis


This report is based on a study and analysis of approaches to national-level risk assessment and threat modelling for cyber security which was conducted between April and October 2013 ENISA aims to provide an evidence-based methodology for establishing a National-level Risk Assessment in order to contribute to the wider objective of improving national contingency planning practices (NCPs)

Report: The cost of ransomware in 2020 A country

In The State of Ransomware in the US: Report and Statistics 2019 we examined the number of ransomware attacks on the U S public sector and the cost of those attacks In this report we will examine the number of attacks on both the public and private sectors for a number of countries and estimate the cost including the cost of downtime of those attacks on a country-by-country basis as

Annual Report of a Company: Analysis and Understanding

Annual Report of a Company: Analysis and Understanding Basic information on the annual report of a company Most of the companies are interested in providing its existing and potential investors with actual information on its performance and financial position This is commonly being done through a complex report on firm's activities and financial condition over the year called annual

How to Write a Good Data Analysis Report

Writing a data analysis report can seem like more of an art than a science but there is a framework within which to do it effectively It doesn't matter how good the analysis actually is if you don't write in an easy to read manner A good data report should be easy to read and free from jargon

Healthgrades 2020 Report To The Nation

Healthgrades 20 20 REPORT TO THE NATION Putting Hospital Quality Into Perspective Healthcare industry insiders know that hospital quality outcomes such as mortality and complications are of the utmost importance to healthcare leaders In fact almost 60% of health system executives and clinicians ranked improving patient outcomes as the

How to Write a Report (with Pictures)

28 05 2020How to Write a Report When you're assigned to write a report it can seem like an intimidating process Fortunately if you pay close attention to the report prompt choose a subject you like and give yourself plenty of time to research

Strategic Analysis Of Starbucks Corporation

Strategic Analysis Of Starbucks Corporation Starbucks with its size and scale has the power to TongWei advantage of its suppliers but it maintains a Fair trade certified coffee under its coffee and farmer equity (C A F E) program which gives its suppliers a fair partnership status which yields them some moderately low power 7

Scope of Analysis

Setting scope of analysis brings objects in the query for the levels you have specified and it wont hit the database while drilling for those levels So if you are aware of the users request of a drill you can set this option in the report you have created so it should not have a time lag at time of drilling

Analysis Projections

Report Types: Analysis Forecast STEO Data Browser Released June 09 2020 | tags: CO2 OECD OPEC STEO WTI alternative fuels + coal consumption/demand crude oil distillate fuel electric generation electricity emissions environment exports/imports forecasts/projections gasoline heating oil hydroelectric inventories/stocks liquid fuels monthly most popular natural gas non-OPEC nuclear oil

Financial Analysis Report Samples in PDF

We created financial analysis report samples from six companies in six different industries to show you what this powerful monthly analysis tool can do These financial analysis reports can be created for any publicly traded company or any private company if the financial data is supplied The Business Ferret analysis is more than just a report We create these analyses monthly and walk

Home Forrester

Key Tongweiaways From Forrester's Customer Service Executive Roundtable On Turning Challenges Into Opportunities Twenty-two customer service executives shared their victories and challenges during the coronavirus pandemic Read key TongWeiaways from this conversation about customer service during COVID-19 Read More Blog A Flash-Point Week For Facial Recognition Our analysts address the

Malware Analysis Reports

Malware Analysis Reports r/ Malware Join hot hot new top rising hot new top rising card card classic compact 66 pinned by moderators Posted by 4 years ago Archived Please view before posting on /r/malware! 66 21 comments share save 87 Posted by 7 months ago Moderator of r/Malware Archived AMAs Wanted: Calling any and all professional reverse engineers malware


Most of the WTO's agreements were the outcome of the 1986-94 Uruguay Round of trade negotiations Some including GATT 1994 were revisions of texts that previously existed under GATT as multilateral or plurilateral agreements Some such as GATS were new The full package of multilateral Uruguay Round agreements is called the round's Final Act

Market Research Analysis

Local/Regional Market Research Analysis AMS spearheads USDA's efforts to support local and regional food systems Part of this effort includes examining the challenges faced by small- and medium-sized producers and studying local food systems including farmers markets Transportation Research Analysis

Analysis Report Examples

Analysis Report Examples The following analysis reports provide examples of how you can leverage and implement analysis reports to solve business information needs Chief Operating Officer The Chief Operating Officer wants to view a comparison of sales for three signature hamburgers in different regions and wants to view a comparison of sales at the district and location levels You can

Reuters Institute Digital News Report

This year's report reveals new insights about digital news consumption based on a YouGov survey of over 75 000 online news consumers in 38 countries including South Africa for the first time The report focuses on the progress on new paid online business models trust and misinformation the impact of populism the shift to private messaging apps and the rise of podcasts

One View Report Samples Warehouse Management

Report: Warehouse Utilization Analysis 31 Application: One View License Plate Quantities Inquiry P46L272 36 Report: License Plate Quantities Analysis 36 One View Reporting – Warehouse Management 1 Introduction JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One View Reporting enables end users to access data for simple to sophisticated reports using EnterpriseOne find browse applications with BI

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