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BASF is now one of the largest plastics producers worldwide and has an extensive range of styrene-based products polyurethanes and engineering plastics New and highly efficient technologies and production processes combine with optimized production systems within a unique logistics structure making BASF products leaders in terms of both cost and technology in many sectors

Is It Glass Filled or Glass Reinforced? : Plastics Technology

FILLED VS REINFORCED ACETAL Table 1 shows the property profile of unfilled acetal homopolymer along with the typical 20% glass-filled grade and new grades that contain 10% and 25% glass where the fiber is coupled to the polymer matrix

Hitemp Polymers Pvt Ltd

Manufacturing of Engineering Plastics Raw Materials Compounding with Fibre-glass Minerals and Alloys of Plastics is our specialty We have trained Manpower Competent Supervision Latest Machineries Hitemp Polymers has wide distribution network for its range of product and known to ensure timely delivery Besides we cater to international requirement and are currently exporting

Nylon 6/6 30% Glass Filled Plastic

TECAMID 6/6 GF is a 30 % glass fiber reinforced PA 66 It demonstrates outstanding mechanical properties such as higher strength rigidity creep strength and dimensional stability Compared to unreinforced PA 66 the properties of this glass filled modification GF30 make this material suitable for use in parts that are exposed to high static loads over long periods in high temperature

PTFE 25% Glass

B I R S Machine Supply distributor of PTFE 25% glass-filled sheet rod tube Glass fibers have the least effect on chemical and electrical properties and add greatly to the mechanical properties of unfilled PTFE Adding glass fibers to PTFE improves compressive properties by as much as 40% and improves creep and wear resistance to standard PTFE

PPS 40% Glass Filled

PPS 40% Glass Filled Request a Quote Techtron PSGF Techtron PSGF PPS is a compression molded analogue to Ryton R4 resin It offers better dimensional stability and thermal performance than Techtron PPS and maintains its strength to above 425F (220C) Learn More Related products Ryton PPS Bearing Grade Ryton PPS Glass SUSTATRON PPS Let's talk about your next

Why is the Ocean Filled with Plastic?

Say to students Based on our observations we use plastics because they are (insert student observations such light weight (portable) easy to carry around and can be thrown away because less expensive than glass and other materials) But we know plastics are polluting the oceans

What is Acetal Plastic? — POM Plastics for Flow Control

Glass-filled and glass-reinforced acetal plastics One other type of acetal plastic that is sometimes used to make flow control parts is glass filled or glass reinforced acetal The glass used in glass filled and glass reinforced acetal plastics is actually chopped glass fibers While the terms glass filled and glass reinforced are often used in the same way there are actually some significant

Nylon Sheets and Rods

Glass-filled nylon is used for technical parts that require particular stiffness high heat distortion temperature and low abrasive wear 0 5 NYLON ALLTHREAD ROD - NATURAL Lightweight non-toxic rod for broad range of applications Friction Resistance Material Sample Pack Includes a 6x6 sample of Acetal Nylon UHMW and a 3x3 sample of PTFE Tensile Strength Material Sample Pack

Glass Filled Nylon 66 Sheet

Glass Filled Nylon 66 Sheet | Plastic Stockist Plastic Stockist has a superb range of Nylon 66 glass filled sheet available at fantastic prices Nylon 66-GF30 (black) compared with Nylon 66 cast this is 30% glass fibre reinforced and heat stabilised nylon grade offers increased strength stiffness creep resistance and dimensional stability whilst retaining an excellent wear resistance

Water Absorption 24 Hour

Absorption Properties of Polymers Some polymers have a natural tendency to absorb water Indeed superabsorbent polymers are gaining traction in advanced application in medical construction etc however at the same time absorption capacity of thermoplastics lead to several changes w r t processing and properties Moisture/water absorption is the capacity of a plastic or a polymer to absorb

CNC Plastics

About CNC Plastics Our motto has always been simple: To provide quality products to our customers at faster lead times than our competition Since 2003 the owners of CNC Plastics Allen and Taylor Creek have been providing quality molds and machine PTFE tube and rods including mold tubing out to 45 in diameter and machine parts out to 40 in diameter making us the leaders in the industry

GE Plastics Valox

glass filled grades 2 General purpose Valox resin Table 2 – Typical general purpose Valox resin grades 325 Unfilled non-FR general purpose grade 310SEO Unfilled FR general purpose grade passes UL 94 V0 at 0 70 mm GE Plastics is an industry leader in material blend technology Our

Reinforced PTFE

Reinforced PTFE Products All reinforced PTFE products are available in Plate (molded sheet-i e 3/8ths thick to 6 inches thick) skived sheet (5 mils to 250 inches depending on the material cylinders (7 inch OD down to 3 inch OD various ID sizes) some Reinforced PTFE products are available in

Hitemp Polymers Pvt Ltd

Manufacturing of Engineering Plastics Raw Materials Compounding with Fibre-glass Minerals and Alloys of Plastics is our specialty We have trained Manpower Competent Supervision Latest Machineries Hitemp Polymers has wide distribution network for its range of product and known to ensure timely delivery Besides we cater to international requirement and are currently exporting grinding

Glass Transition Temperature

Sina Ebnesajjad in Chemical Resistance of Commodity Thermoplastics 2016 1 2 1 Glass Transition Temperature T g The glass transition temperature often called T g is an important property when considering polymers for a particular end-use Glass transition temperature is the temperature below which the physical properties of plastics change to those of a glassy or crystalline state

Glass Filled PTFE

Glass Filled PTFE is reinforced with glass fibres with the percentage varying between 5% and 40% depending on the needs of the application As the filler percentage increases so does the properties the filler offers (increased compressive strength lower deformation under load) but conversely the coefficient of friction properties of the material increases over that of PTFE

How One CNC Shop Effectively Machines Glass

However it still offers the wear resistance needed for glass-filled plastics Instead of taps thread mills are used to create threads in thermoset laminate material such as G-10 Thread milling creates less heat and pressure and is less likely to delaminate the material when threaded holes run parallel to the laminations

Performance Plastics

Glass-fiber reinforced PA66/PA6I material with excellent surface appearance and high mechanical strength Though filled with 60% glass fiber its Class A surface makes it possible to omit the painting process with lower mold temperature than competitors' during injection molding process Major applications include door mirror stays roof

Glass Filled Nylon

Glass filled nylon is widely used for 3D printing additive manufacturing and other applications that need to incorporate strength and stiffness as well as ability to bear loads Order glass filled nylon and other types of nylon from Polymershapes You can order standard and custom sized glass filled nylon sheets rod and tube shapes

Polycarbonate Glass Filled Plastic Sheets and Rods 20%

(Zelux M-Glass Reinforced Hydex 4320 BK) Zelux M glass-reinforced sheet is an excellent replacement for die-cast aluminum and zinc and has higher heat resistance than machine grade polycarbonate NOTE: Also available: 10% 20% glass reinforced Other sizes are available Technical Data Sheet Glass Filled Round Rods

Engineering Plastics

Nylon 66 Glass Filled Oil Filled Nylon Polyethylene Polypropylene (PPC PPH) PTFE PVC Tufnol Engineering Plastics - General: Nylon Nylatron Acetal Delrin | Plastic Stockist Plastic Stockist provides a fantastic range of engineering plastics to suit many manufacturing applications Our selection includes Nylon Acetal Delrin Nylatron and Tufnol materials We are partners with

Engineering Plastics for Pump parts

Engineering Plastics for Pump parts BASF Plastics are suitable for pump heads and impellers They have been used in washing machines for years Do you have pumps where your either use plastic components or would like to replace metal with plastic? What pressure do your pumps need to withstand? What fluids are used or is the pump exposed to? What is the temperature of the fluids? Key


Glass-filled polymer (or glass-filled plastic) is a mouldable composite material It comprises short glass fibers in a matrix of a polymer material It is used to manufacture a wide range of structural components by injection or compression moulding It is an ideal glass alternative that offers design flexibility chemical durability and chemical and shatter resistance

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