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Animalintex Hoof Treatment is distributed in packs containing convenient hoof shaped dressings ready for foot poulticing so there is no need for cutting to shape making Animalintex economic and convenient For further information contact Robinson Animal Healthcare on 01909 735000 or visit

Horse Frog Infection Treatment

Effective frog infection treatment includes thorough cleaning under the sloughing frog tissue and in the compromised cleavage area of the central sulcus The best way to accomplish this is with soaking in a Borax solution or Clean Trax For the Borax solution mix 1 Tablespoon of Borax with 1 gallon of water I've found that Borax doesn't liquify in cold water so I mix the Borax first

Hoof Anatomy: What Horse Hooves are Made of

Hoof Anatomy: What Horse Hooves are Made of Deb M Eldredge DVM The equine hoof is a great example of Mother Nature's engineering capabilities Consider the size and weight of a horse relative to the size of a hoof and how fast horses can run or how high they can jump it's amazing how so much is supported by so little A horse's hooves play a key role in its ability to survive and

Hoof Bruises

If hoof bruises aren't serious do they mean anything? Bruises are like little red flags on the hoof It tells you specifically where there is too much pressure Bruising on the the walls is the easiest to interpret It generally means this section of the wall is too long and there is too much pressure or leverage Bruises on the bottom of the foot might be from trauma or from too much of

MLS treatment for hoof bruises on a barefoot horse

Species: Horse Breed: Italian saddlebred : Gelding Age: 5 YO Clinical case: This barefoot horse showed acute hoof pain with 3/5 lameness on the right front limb positive reaction to the hoof tester and increased digital pulse at rest This clinical presentation is pretty typical for a hoof bruise or hoof abscess this horse lives in a pasture so the treatment option needed to avoid sole

Thrush: How Did My Horse Get it and How Do I Manage it?

Hoof pick and then scrub the frog with a stiff brush warm water and an antiseptic soap such as Betadine Let the frog dry before moving on to the next step Any loose flaps of the frog need to be trimmed away with a hoof knife to remove infected tissue and allow air and any anti-thrush treatments to reach the infected areas and facilitate healing


Kevin Bacon's hoof dressing provides all the elements necessary for the good functioning of the hoof capsule and keeps your horses' feet in perfect condition Over the years close cooperation amongst researchers farriers veterinarians and other professional contacts in the horse world has enabled us to develop a range of products with proven effectiveness

Recognizing and Treating Thrush in Your Horse's Hoof

Recognizing and Treating Thrush in Your Horse's Hoof by Laura Florence and Bryan Farcus RSS Thrush invades the frog of the hoof and thrives on necrotic tissue It is identified by a particularly unpleasant smell and an oily black discharge Usually found in the grooves on either side of the frog thrush spreads by going deeper rather than superficially across a tissue's surface

How to Repair a Split Hoof on a Cow

Repairing a hoof is not particularly difficult and can significantly improve the health of your cow if done correctly Examine the hoof If the tissue around the crack is red full of pus crusty swollen seems painful oozes thick or colored liquid or smells strongly like cheese TongWei the cow to a vet as these are all signs of infection While a cow is often able to heal on its own a


Hypozin is for the treatment and prevention of thrush It supports the maintenance of a strong and healthy hoof frog It has a moisture-resistant effect and dries out the frog it disinfects the frog (antibacterial action) and it allows oxygen to penetrate throughHypozin contains 100 grams of product per syringe This is

Equine Hoof Care Part 2 – Welcome to VetZone

As for "treatment" there are many many commercial products available on the market to battle the fungus None will be effective if applied on top of a dirty frog Thoroughly cleaning the hoof before treatment is imperative The solution must penetrate into all the cracks and crevices of the frog to target the fungus Once the infection is

The management of equine acute laminitis

22 12 2014Applying support directly to the frog and heel region of the hoof and increasing the contact or weight-bearing surface of unaffected parts of the foot are among the most effective methods of biomechanical support during the acute stage of laminitis Horses should be monitored frequently and the response to all aspects of the treatment regime should be assessed and adjustments made on

Hoof Care

Hoof Frog Treatment Hoof Picks Ointments Oils Polish Hoof Supplements Hoof Frog Treatment Hoof Picks Filter Filter Clear all Sorting Brand Brand Horze Absorbine Blue Hors Brinicombe Equine Carr Day Martin Cavalor Effol Emin Fineko Global Herbs Havens Horsemaster Kavalkade Keratex Kerbl Kevin Baon Pavo Pharmacare Roma Sectolin Stassek Trikem Sport Veredus Apply filter Brand

Thrush Causes and Treatment

Regularly apply a non-caustic hoof topical or clay to maintain a healthy hoof Treatment of Thrush If the horse develops thrush provide the horse with a clean and dry environment to stand Clean the bottom of the hoof and frog area by removing any debris and wash the area thoroughly Do not utilize a thrush remedy that contains caustic

NETTEX Frog Health Spray for 🐴 Horses

NETTEX Frog Health contains powerful antibacterial and antiseptic agents that promote hoof hygiene and help dry the frog Standing in stables or wet fields for long periods of time can leave your horse at risk of developing hoof hygiene issues NETTEX Frog Health is ideal to be used regularly as part of your hoof hygiene regime to maintain healthy hooves even in challenging conditions


SDS 309 Sav-A-Hoof Protectant Safety Data Sheet Item 310 10 oz (296mL) Sav-A-Hoof MED-I-SOLE is an effective treatment for infections of the Sole Frog (White Line Disease Thrush Seedy Toe) The special gel formulation sticks to the sole shoes and pads This means that it will last longer with less waste Also wool leather synthetic pads and scrap foam inserts can be pre-treated with

Treatment of hoof thrush with triple sulphate in a pony

Thrush is a common condition affecting the frog of the equine hoof A case of thrush affecting the central sulcus of the frog hoof in a working pony and its treatment with triple sulphate is described The grooves of the frog were not visible and the sulci portion was completely degenerated The pony had been suffering this condition for the previous month and treated without healing

Causes of Contracted Heels and Treatmnt

AA is the original shape of the outer hoof wall BB is the contracted hoof wall Other less common reasons for a contraction include the heel and frog not being stimulated by ground contact This could be caused by high heels a horse that does not land heel first

Method for treating hoof thrush and hoof rot

22 08 1989B Treatment Procedure Preliminarily each hoof to be treated was cleaned with a hoof pick as described in Example 1 The pick-cleaned hoof was lifted and held while the metronidazole ointment was rubbed on in around and throughout the thrush infected areas of the hoof and frog tissue including the sulcae of the frog tissue The

Healing A Hoof Abscess The Holistic Way

Flaws in the Conventional Treatment of Hoof Abscesses The conventional approach to abscesses is often intrusive and counter-productive It usually involves a farrier or vet attempting to localize the infection by tapping on the sole and then digging into the sole to let the pus escape The problem with this method is that firstly often the infection is not correctly localized and secondly

Thrush Causes and Treatment

Regularly apply a non-caustic hoof topical or clay to maintain a healthy hoof Treatment of Thrush If the horse develops thrush provide the horse with a clean and dry environment to stand Clean the bottom of the hoof and frog area by removing any debris and wash the area thoroughly Do not utilize a thrush remedy that contains caustic

Canker in Horses: A Frustrating and Debilitating Disease

There are two disease processes commonly associated with a horse's frog The most common of the two is thrush which is a bacterial infection that occurs on the hoof of a horse specifically in the region of the frog The bacteria involved occur naturally in the animal's environment — especially in wet muddy or unsanitary conditions such as an unclean stall Canker is much less common and

No Hoof No Horse: Treating the Abscess

Hoof abscesses are caused by trauma such as stepping on a nail a piece of wood or any sharp object that could penetrate the sole white line (the junction between the hoof wall and the sole) or the frog and let bacteria inside the hoof capsule Sometimes a penetrating object such as a nail can result in infection of the deeper structures of the foot and require more extensive medical or

How to Treat a Hoof Abscess in Horses: 11 Steps (with

25 08 2016How to Treat a Hoof Abscess in Horses The health of a horse's hooves is very important to its overall health and comfort If bacteria gets inside your horse's hoof it can cause an infection to develop that can cause the horse great

Horse Hoof Problems Diseases

Some common horse hoof problems and hoof diseases can happen to the healthiest hooves so it's important to know what to watch out for and what to do in case a problem arises Thrush How to spot it: Thrush is a common infection of the frog of the hoof and is usually most evident in the sulci (grooves) on either side of the frog and in the central section

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