novel test method for the evaluation of fluid leakage at


This paper presents experimental evaluation of applying wavelet transform for on-line external leakage fault detection and isolation from internal leakage in hydraulic actuators In this work the more realistic case of an actuator that is driven to track pseudorandom position reference inputs against a load is considered The wavelet-based method developed in this paper decomposes a limited


This method rejects non matching fingerprint in local matching and avoid time consuming global matching steps We develop new classification scheme of fingerprints based on this approach Unlike classic classification of fingerprints this novel approach distributed fingerprints in classes equally and none of image processing techniques are required for this classification This normal

Vision Amniotic Leak Detector (ALD) to

Vision Amniotic Leak Detector (ALD) to Eliminate Amniotic Fluid Leakage as a Cause of Vaginal Wetness in Pregnancy: A NICE Medical Technology Guidance Applied Health Economics and Health Policy 2015 pp 445-456 Volume 13 Issue 5 DOI: 10 1007/s40258-015-0190-5

Characteristics of novel root

However noticeably it was reported that a dye leakage test method is no longer regarded as a reliable method to assess the sealing ability of dental material due to the decoloration effect [29] Thus in this study we used the methylene blue dye method with the positive and negative controls that shows constant dye stain- ing as all or none for minimizing the methodological short- comings


CTP Measurement Details of the CTP detection test method have been previously described (10 11) In brief middle ear lavage fluid samples (MEL) for the test were TongWein as follows: (1) the middle ear was washed 3 times with 0 3 ml saline (2) the fluid was recovered and red blood cells and white blood cells were removed from MEL by centrifugation (2 000 g 3 min) and (3) the supernatant was

A Method for Distributed Pipeline Burst and Leakage

A Method for Distributed Pipeline Burst and Leakage Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Transform Analysis Show all authors Sidra Rashid 1 Sidra Rashid School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) H-12 Islamabad 44000 Pakistan See all articles by this author Search Google Scholar for this author Saad Qaisar 1

An [18F]

An [18 F]-Positron-Emitting Fluorescent Cerebrospinal Fluid Probe for Imaging Damage to the Brain and Spine Harikrishna Kommidi 1 Hua Guo 1 Nandi Chen 1 2 Dohyun Kim 3 Bin He 3 Amy P Wu 4 Omer Aras 5 Richard Ting 1 1 Department of Radiology Molecular Imaging Innovations Institute (MI3) Weill Cornell Medical College New York


Figure 4 – The image showed a pressure test of IVD using tap water It is visible the leakage that occurred on contact surface between Note: On these pilot tests and due to experimental limitations the fluid insertion was made through the bottom and not from top (as indicated on Figure 3) 4 CONCLUDING REMARKS

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Non-suture dural closure using a novel dural substitute 1 Efficacy and safety of non-suture dural closure using a novel dural substitute consisting of polyglycolic acid felt and fibrin glue to prevent cerebrospinal fluid leakage —A non-controlled open-label multicenter clinical trial— Shunsuke Terasaka M D 1 Toshiaki Taoka M D

A New Method to Detect Air Leakage in a Patient

With this new method using saline and vocalization we successfully demonstrated air leakage from the lung as air-bubble shadows or other radiologic findings on CT images for all cases Furthermore the findings of the CT imaging study were predictive of culprit lesions To our knowledge there are no similar examinations using a CT scanner except in a handful of experimental studies

Early detection of complications: anastomotic leakage

The methylene blue swallow test is a simple and convenient method of identification—immediate discoloration of the drain will be observed after swallowing methylene blue—and is usually used for bedside diagnosis (22 31) It can prove the existence of anastomotic leaks but not determine the location or size of AL However this may not be proper for diagnosing late AL as adhesions formed

Evaluation of a Novel Diagnostic Kit for the Detection of

Evaluation of a Novel Diagnostic Kit for the Detection of Placental Alpha-Microglobulin-1 in the Prediction of Preterm Birth in Women Presenting With Signs and Symptoms of Preterm Labor in Comparison to a Control Group of Asymptomatic Women With the Same Gestational Age - a Multicenter Trial: Study Start Date : December 2013


PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF AN OIL LEAKAGE MONITORING SYSTEM USING ULTRASONIC SENSORS Chun S 1 Choi H M 1 Kim H H 1 Yoon B -R 1 Han J H 2 and Kim J M 2 1 Division of Physical Metrology Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science Daejeon 34113 Republic of Korea 2 Dong Myung Enterprise Co Ltd Seoul 06254 Republic of Korea Author for correspondence


a positive correlation between leakage and time The mean leakage values in Groups I and II were found to be similar from day 1 to week 3 At the 4th week the leakage values for both these groups were found to be significantly more as compared to their baseline values At the end of the test period the mean leakage

Copper ion as a new leakage tracer

We used copper ion diffusion method to assess the leakage and the results were compared to dye penetration method MATERIALS AND METHOD: The crowns of 21 extracted teeth were cut off at the CEJ level After preparing the canals the teeth were placed in tubes containing saline They were divided randomly into 15 experimental cases 3 positive and 3 negative controls Positive controls were

The Basics of Specimen Collection and Handling of Urine

Specimen Collection and Transport Guidelines As with any type of laboratory specimen there are certain criteria that need to be met for proper collection and transportation of urine specimens This will ensure proper stability of the specimen and more accurate test results All urine collection and/or transport containers should be clean and free of particles or interfering substances The

A New Method of Plugging Micro/Nano Meter Cracks in

Laboratory test results showed that the innovative plugging performance evaluation technique could be used to replace the fluid flow tests under HTHP Test results showed that the selected drilling fluid displayed satisfactory plugging performances against fractures in micro/nano meter scales The formula and its add-ons of plugging materials were optimized to produce waterbased drilling

Lymphatic Leakage Treatment Management: Approach

19 06 2019Depending on the site of the lymphatic leakage a celiotomy or a retroperitoneal approach can be TongWein Lumbar mesenteric and para-aortic lymphatic vessels may also be suture-ligated or oversewn after identification with the isosulfan blue technique However injuries involving the cisterna chyli should undergo lateral closure with a 6-0 to 8-0 polypropylene suture A Jackson-Pratt drain may


• Leakage is based on predictable fluid flow mechanics (gas/liquids) • Leak detection relies on P-C technologies • NON-probabilistic • Validatable • Preferred if desired outcome permits Examples: Tracer gas Vacuum decay Electrical conductivity 22 USP 1207 1 Package integrity and test method selection

Computers Fluids

Computers Fluids is multidisciplinary The term 'fluid' is interpreted in the broadest sense Hydro- and aerodynamics high-speed and physical gas dynamics turbulence and flow stability multiphase flow rheology tribology and fluid-structure interaction are all of interest provided that computer technique plays a significant role in the associated studies or design methodology


Fluid accumulation in the pleural cavity therefore has the potential to be used as a method to monitor vascular leakage and ultimately to evaluate therapy efficacy Commonly pleural effusion assessment is performed with planar chest x-rays (CXRs) This is however a relatively insensitive technique in which fluid accumulation smaller than 50 ml is difficult to measure (3) As MRI is a 3D

Zia Abbas

The method attains the optimal sizing of individual transistors in the cell for maximizing the statistical yield referring to leakage power and propagation delay bounds with local and global process variations specified by industrial process development kits (PTongweis) The approach is demonstrated for a 40 nm low‐power standard threshold voltage Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS

Experimental Study on Vacuum Performance of

The test results of the non-destructive vacuum evaluation method proposed were in good agreement with the RGA test results which verified the feasibility and accuracy of this non-destructive test method The relationship between the vacuum performance of receiver and the spectral characteristics of dielectric barrier discharge were obtained by a series of experiments Through this study the

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Root canal leakage was evaluated by the fluid filtration technique One-way ANOVA was used in order to determine normality of dispersal distribution of parameters thereafter results were analyzed by Kolmogorov-Smirnov test Overall between microleakage values of MTA and Biodentine regardless of apical plug thickness no difference was observed In terms of plug thickness a statistically

Carbon capture and storage

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) (or carbon capture and sequestration or carbon control and sequestration) is the process of capturing waste carbon dioxide (CO 2) usually from large point sources such as a cement factory or biomass power plant transporting it to a storage site and depositing it where it will not enter the atmosphere normally an underground geological formation


This method rejects non matching fingerprint in local matching and avoid time consuming global matching steps We develop new classification scheme of fingerprints based on this approach Unlike classic classification of fingerprints this novel approach distributed fingerprints in classes equally and none of image processing techniques are required for this classification This normal

Endodontic leakage studies reconsidered Part I

An increasing number of endodontic leakage studies have been published In the 1990 volumes of Journal of Endodontics and International Endodontic Journal there was one leakage study to every 4 3 scientific articles The most popular method was linear measurement of tracer (dye or radioisotope) penetration along a root filling Comparing some data on linear measurement of dye penetration

Preparation of Manuscript for the ICEE 2004/APCOT MNT 2004

A vortex micropump connected with a microchannel was successfully fabricated using this novel bonding method The design fabrication processes and testing results for the microfluidic devices are described in this paper Keywords: PDMS PMMA hot-embossing 1 INTRODUCTION In recent years polymer-based microfluidic devices have become increasing important in biological applications (e g

Wear Time in Two Hydrocolloid Dressings Using a

Wear Time in Two Hydrocolloid Dressings Using a Novel In-Vivo Model Authors Keywords February 2003 Issue: Volume 15 - Issue 2 - February 2003 ISSN: Index: Disclosures: This study was funded by a grant from 3M Canada to St Joseph's Health Care Dr Keast was remunerated from the study grant for patient assessments consulting work regarding study design and evaluation of results Dr

Determination of cerebrospinal fluid leakage by selective

Determination of cerebrospinal fluid leakage by selective deletion of transferrin glycoform using an immunochromatographic assay Jusung Oh 1 Seok-Joon Kwon 2 3 Jonathan S Dordick 2 3 William J Sonstein 5 Robert J Linhardt 2 3 4 Min-Gon Kim 1 1 Department of Chemistry School of Physics and Chemistry Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) Gwangju 500-712 Republic of

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