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Curly Method for 2B 2C 3A Hair

This is my story of how the Curly Method saved my 2b 2c 3a curly and wavy hair This is me and my curly hair I wear my hair curly every day It has been more than 10 years since I've straightened my hair I always have people telling me they wish they had my curls Other wavies and curlies look at my hair and

20 Amazing Layered Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Our list of layered hairstyles for curly hair ends here So what are you waiting for my curly haired chiquitas? Go forth and live all your layered hair dreams and watch in awe as your curly tresses reach their full potential of bounce and beauty And while you're at it comment below and let us know which cut and style made you pick up your phone and schedule an appointment with your

Hair Care Routine 2B

Here's my current 2B – 2C hair care routine including wash day refreshes protein treatments and products I use to help enhance my natural curl pattern Last week I mentioned how I've been trying the curly method and detailed what tools you need to get started ( AND 11 things I've learned since started the journey )

How To Moisturise Hair For Your Best Curls

Curly hair tends to be dry by nature and knowing the ways to moisturise it will really help to keep our curls healthy Want to know how to moisturise your hair? I've rounded up 7 of the best ways Some are for every time you wash your hair and some are for once a week or once a month even! You know your hair best and experimenting with a few of these methods will tell you which work the best

Curly Hair

I'm a big fan of LUS brand It has done a lot for my hair I have dry course 2c/3a hair and found LUS a couple years ago Unfortunately you can only buy it directly from the site right now I then finish it off with Loma Curly Cream I get compliments on my curls all the time

My Curly Hair Routine Ahem Curly

My fellow curly if you want to get more hydrated definition from your hair it's time to add deep conditioning treatments to your curly hair routine!! I suggest once a week Over time you will be shocked how you can coerce your curls into lovely defined tresses! Right now I float between DevaCurl's Heaven In Hair and Melt Into Moisture

Curly hair routine for 2C

24 08 2016A curly hair has her good bad and worst hair days But their are ways to manage your hair without hating or chemically treating them If you go through with chemical treatments it gives nothing but a long period of weird and damaged hair trust me It's better to have a consistent hair care routine

Curly Hair Routine for Gorgeous Type 3a Curls

Curly Hair Routine for Gorgeous Type 3a Curls Curly Hair Routine for Gorgeous Type 3a Curls BY Sandra 5 3 18 First off let me tell you I'm trying to wash my hair only about every 2-3 days On non-washing days I love wearing my curls in any kind of (half) updo Cleansing: To Poo or Not to Poo When I was new to the Curly method I though I needed to stop using any kind of shampoo and

Curly Hair – Meghan Did It

04 12 2011Curly Meghan's Curly Hair Care Routine STOP!!! Before we begin let's see if your hair is similar to mine so you're not wasting your time Botticelli Curls I have 3A Boticelli type curls The top of my hair curls easily and some areas on the bottom are almost straight My hair is thick but fine with a low porosity It gets weighed down by products easily and is very susceptible

Easy Hair Routine to Achieve Your Best Curls (With images

And by curly – I mean even if you have the slightest wave to your hair – read on! Above is my transformation after starting the Curly Method If you've never heard of the Curly Method prepare to have your mind blown! First join the Curly Method facebook group (over 110k+ Feb 3 2019 - Where are my curly ?! And by curly – I mean even if you have the

Curly Hair Products for Natural Hair

Discover the full Ouidad experience: Find your type get a cut constructed exclusively for curly hair and learn how best to care for your kind of curl Find A Salon Near You NEW YORK CITY 37 W 57th Street 4th Floor New York NY 10019 Learn More SANTA MONICA 1230 Montana Avenue Santa Monica CA 90403 Learn More FT LAUDERDALE 3530 N Federal Hwy Fort Lauderdale FL 33308 Learn More

15+ New Short Curly Hair Styles You will Love

14-nov-2017 - Short and curly hair might seem not easy to style but if you choose a right haircut you'll look really modern and stylish at the same time Curly hair needs some extra care so you need to use hair products for curly hair and need to moisturize your hair with natural oils and hair masks

Transform Your Curls With This Easy and Inexpensive Curly

This curly hair routine is a must for any curly who is trying to follow the girly method but struggling to find a routine that not only works but doesn't break the bank This routine literally transformed my curls and STILL is! If I can transform my frizzy mess into pretty spirals so can you!

EVOLVh Review for Curly Hair 2c 3a

Save EVOLVh Review for 2C 3A Curly Hair to your favorite Pinterest board! Fabulous Curls Made Easy Learn what your hair type is which products and ingredients will work for you and how to style according to your hair type by creating a simple routine that works

Curly Secret #6

Curly Method 2c 3a Routine Wash Day My full wash day routine for 2c 3a curls using Evolvh - curly method routine - natural curls - curly hairstyles Holistic Enchilada - curly hair + clean beauty + holistic living Curly Method - 2b 2c 3a Curly Hair Tips Short Curly Hair Wavy Hair Curly Hair Styles Curly Bob Curly Hair Bangs Shoulder Length Curly Hair Short Curls Short Wavy

5 Things ALL the Type 2c's Want to Know

A rule of thumb for wavy or curly hair: The drier your hair is the more it needs to be deep conditioned Those with high porosity hair tend to have hair that is more thirsty so deep conditioning should be done more often to compensate for its moisture losses Whenever your hair feels thirsty quench its thirst with a good deep conditioning session You have to listen to your hair and do what

Pin on curly hairstyles

My full curly routine day routine for 2c 3a fine curly hair using EVOLVh curly approved products This is my favorite brand to use on my fine curly hair and this is my full curly hair routine Read the post to see the products used and coupon code! curly method routine - natural curls - curly hairstyles - curly method #curlygirlmethod The Holistic Enchilada - curly hair

How to Wash Your Hair Curly Method

Routine and consistency is where it's at I am a 2C/3A curl! How I Wash My Hair using CGM How To Curly Hair: I gather my products first To see what I use keep reading and click here to order on Amazon I grab my washing products comb brush and microfiber towel so they are handy I hop in and get my hair wet with warm water like normal people IF THIS IS YOUR VERY 1ST WASH YOU MUST STRIP

Types of curly hair

Curly is a loose term used to describe wavy curly and coily hair Knowing your curl pattern will help you to choose the right type of products and techniques for your hair An alphanumeric system is used to identify types of curly hair 1 2 3 4 represent the degree of the number of turns formed by hair strands Number 1 is straight (meaning

Curly Hair Products for Natural Hair

Ouidad Certified Stylists get curls like no one else From lazy S to crimped-up Kinky they know how to make the most of every zigzag curve and spiral Discover the full Ouidad experience: Find your type get a cut constructed exclusively for curly hair and learn how best to care for your kind of curl Find A Salon Near You NEW YORK CITY 37 W 57th Street 4th Floor New York NY 10019

How to Follow the Curly Method

Begin your routine by wetting your hair in the shower Distribute conditioner on your entire scalp and massage your scalp with the tips of your fingers (not your fingernails) This will cleanse the scalp of any dirt and get rid of dandruff (Be sure to avoid silicones in your hair products see the Warnings ) Thoroughly rinse your scalp Depending on how dry your scalp is you can conditioner

10 Conditioners And Hair Masks For Curly And Wavy Hair

If you're a naturally curly- or wavy-haired you probably spent most of your life with frizzy unruly hair that no product could seem to fix You also probably had your mane rebonded or chemically straightened at least once as recommended by a salon stylist or a tita who said you'd look prettier with straight hair (ugh) But thanks to the rise of strong independent curly- and wavy

EVOLVh Review for Curly Hair 2c 3a

03-mar-2019 - My Evolvh review for curly hair on 2c-3a thin fine hair following the Curly Method plus a coupon code for you to give them a try Ms informacin My full wash day routine for 2c 3a curls using Evolvh - curly method routine - natural curls - curly hairstyles

Top Curly Hair Products

Top Curly Hair Products We offer a diverse selection of curly hair products designed to treat the most common concerns associated with curly hair and based on specific hair and texture types While all curls are prone to frizz and are more sensitive to damage knowing the texture type helps narrow down which routines and products might work best for your individual hair

Product/Routine Help (2C/3A low porosity medium

Product/Routine Help (2C/3A low porosity medium density coarse width) help Hey everyone! I know help questions get asked a lot and I have been reading all over this subreddit to try to find something that can help and it's just a little overwhelming for me I can't figure out what may be wrong with my hair I have lots of frizz and I have always had lots of frizz my entire life I don't

Is Your Hair Looking A Little Dull? Use This Great Advice

Jun 7 2019 - Use these wonderful pieces of advice on hair care so that you appear to be at your best at all times! It appears as though everybody has beautiful hair these days and desire the knowledge to know what they do to manage it so well Use the tips provided here

How To Get Your Best Ever Curls For Type 3a

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