comparison of eight methods for the estimation of the


A COMPARISON OF EIGHT METHODS FOR ESTIMATING THE BIOMASS AND GROWTH OF PLANKTONIC ALGAE By CHRISTINE BUTTERWICK S I HEANEY and J F TALLING Freshwater Biological Association Ambleside Cumbria LA22 0LP Eight methods for estimating algal biomass were compared using the colonial diatom Asterionellaformosa as a test organism They were based on (i)

A comparison of non

Patients fasted for eight hours before the scheduled surgery A comparison of non-invasive versus invasive methods of haemoglobin estimation in patients undergoing intracranial surgery Puneet Khanna a* Vanitha Rajagopalan a Gyaninder Singh b and Hemanshu Prabhakar aDepartment of Anaesthesiology All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi India bDepartment of

A Comparison of Two Methods of Adjusted Attributable

A Comparison of Two Methods of Adjusted Attributable Fraction Estimation as Applied to the Four Major Smoking Related Causes of Death in Canada in 2005 Dalia Baliunas Doctor of Philosophy Dalla Lana School of Public Health University of Toronto 2011 Abstract The main objective of the thesis was to compare two methods of calculating adjusted attributable fractions and deaths as applied to

Quantifying the Amount of Heterogeneity in Meta

Meta–Analysis: a Comparison of Methods Guido Knapp Department of Statistics University of Dortmund Dortmund Germany Sources of Heterogeneity in Meta–Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials Bremen February 9–10 2007 Introduction Confidence Intervals Example Concluding Remarks References Outline 1 Introduction 2 Confidence Intervals 3 Example 4 Concluding Remarks 5

A Comparison of Regression Techniques for Estimation

Above-ground biomass (AGB) provides a vital link between solar energy consumption and yield so its correct estimation is crucial to accurately monitor crop growth and predict yield In this work we estimate AGB by using 54 vegetation indexes (e g Normalized Difference Vegetation Index Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Index) and eight statistical regression techniques: artificial neural network

Cost and Performance Comparison of Stationary Hydrogen

Cost and Performance Comparison Of Stationary Hydrogen Fueling Appliances Duane B Myers Gregory D Ariff Brian D James John S Lettow C E (Sandy) Thomas Reed C Kuhn One ia Square 3601 Wilson Boulevard Suite 650 Arlington ia 22201 703/243-3383 ABSTRACT This work was funded by the Hydrogen Program Office of

A comparison of iterative minimum norm estimation and

Eight male rats were anesthetized intraperitoneally with Urethane (1 g/1 kg) and stimuli consisting of 3 Hz tone burst sounds were introduced to the left ears Averaging of the magnetic fields was performed for over 3000 auditory stimuli The localization of current sources was calculated by two methods the iterative minimum norm estimation (MNE) and the current dipole model (CDM) Current

Comparison of two methods for the estimation of the

Comparison of two methods for the estima Comparison of two methods for the estimation of the lateral ventricles volume using fetal magnetic resonance imaging Atıf İin Kopyala SAĞIROĞLU A KTK M S ACER N ZGN M T yıkılmaz A Asian and African Stereology congress Trkiye 1 - 04 November 2012 ss 34

Comparison of eight degree

Comparison of eight degree-days estimation methods in four agroecological regions in Colombia Daniel Rodrguez Caicedo(1*) Jose Miguel Cotes Torres(2) Jos Ricardo Cure(1) (1) Universidad Militar Nueva Granada Facultad de Ciencias Bsicas Cra 11#101-80 Bogot Colombia

Sampling on bipartite networks: a comparative analysis of

of branches—have very little influence on the estimation bias Finally we list suggestions for the selection of crawling methods on bipartite networks under di erent situations S Chen et al Sampling on bipartite networks: a comparative analysis of eight crawling methods Printed in the UK 073403 JSMTC6

Estimation of Central Aortic Pressure Waveform by

Comparison of TF estimation using two methods A Spectrum characteristics of parametric-model ARX TF estimation based on six heart cycles 1024 data points B Fourier-derived TF estimated by averaging two TFs from the two halves of the same data sequence (5122=1024 points) C Fourier-derived TF using 6144 points of similar steady-state data divided into 12 sequences of 512 points each

Discretization Methods for NBC in Effort Estimation: An

Discretization Methods for NBC in Effort Estimation: An Empirical Comparison based on ISBSG Projects Marta Fernndez-Diego Department of Business Administration Universitat Politcnica de Valncia 46022 Valencia Spain (+34) 96 387 76 85 marferdiomp upv es Jos-Mara Torralba-Martnez Department of Business Administration

4 Tools to Estimate Costs in the Project Management

In addition to the four methods of estimating that you so clearly outlined there are more methods as a person like yourself would already be aware of I have worked in the residential commercial industrial construction field Also I have heavy experience in the Petrochemical field If this was not your field of expertise and you would like me to share some ideas with you just email me

Comparison of Radius

Comparison of Radius-Estimating Techniques for Horizontal Curves Paul J Carlson Mark Burris Kit Black and Elisabeth R Rose Techniques to obtain horizontal curve radii were identified and tested in a controlled experimental study Ten techniques were identified and pilot tested Eight of those initial 10 were then used to measure 18 hori-zontal curves on two-lane rural highways in Texas

Confidence Estimation Methods for Neural Networks: A

Confidence Estimation Methods for Neural Networks: A Practical Comparison G Papadopoulos P J Edwards A F Murray Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering University of Edinburgh Abstract Feed-forward neural networks (Multi-Layered Perceptrons) are used widely in real-world regression or classification tasks A reliable and

Experimental Comparison of Open Source Vision

Comparison of Vision-Based Estimation 3 Kalman lter-based methods: MonoSLAM [5] is based on an incremental EKF where the state contains the map and the camera pose The state vector is updated with the prediction step assuming a constant motion model that follows a Gaussian pro le The update is performed according to measurements derived

Assessment of empirical methods for estimation of

Evapotranspiration can be sufficiently estimated when meteorological data are available to implement robust models such as Penman-Monteith (PM) However due to data scarcity alternative approaches are necessary In this context this study aims to compare the reference evapotranspiration (ETo) obtained from the PM standard method with eight empirical equations to identify the simplest method

Standardized Methods for the Determination of Antioxidant

Standardized Methods for the Determination of Antioxidant Capacity and Phenolics in Foods and Dietary Supplements R methods has been suggested (2) but not consistently demon-strated SET reactions are usually slow and can require long times to reach completion so antioxidant capacity calculations are based on percent decrease in product rather than kinetics When AH+ has a

Numerical Methods for the Root Finding Problem

Numerical Methods for the Root Finding Problem Oct 11 2011 HG 1 1 A Case Study on the Root-Finding Problem: Kepler's Law of Planetary Motion The root-finding problem is one of the most important computational problems It arises in a wide variety of practical applications in physics chemistry biosciences engineering etc As a matter of fact determination of any unknown appearing


tion model there are eight free parameters which raises the need for fast optimization algorithms Usually gradient-descent algorithms are applied to solve Equation (3 1) When initialized with a good set of parameters the direct estimation methods can achieve high accuracy On the other hand convergence of the gradient-descent

Comparison of Endotoxin Exposure Assessment by

Environmental assessment data collected in two prior occupational hygiene studies of swine barns and sawmills allowed the comparison of concurrent triplicate side-by-side endotoxin measurements using air sampling filters and bioaerosol impingers Endotoxin concentrations in impinger solutions and filter eluates were assayed using the Limulus amebocyte lysate assay

Comparison of six different parameter estimation methods

Comparison of six different parameter estimation methods in wind power applications Yeliz Mert Kantar1 In this study six estimation methods maximum likelihood least square weighted least square moments method the method based on quantiles maximum spacing are used to determine the Weibull parameters and the performance of these methods is investigated in Kantar et al 6595 C =

Comparison of eight degree

Comparison of eight degree-days estimation methods in four agroecological regions in Colombia Comparao de oito mtodos para calcular graus-dia em quatro regies agroecolgicas Daniel Rodrguez Caicedo I * Jose Miguel Cotes Torres II Jos Ricardo Cure I I Universidad Militar Nueva Granada Facultad de Ciencias Bsicas Cra 11#101-80 Bogot Colombia II Universidad Nacional

A Comparison of Surgeon Estimation and Computed

A Comparison of Surgeon Estimation and Computed Tomographic Measurement of Femoral Component Anteversion in Cementless Total Hip Arthroplasty Dorr Lawrence D MD 1 Wan Zhinian MD 1 Malik Aamer MD 1 Zhu Jinjun MD 1 Dastane Manish MD 1 Deshmane Prashant MD 1 Author Information 1 The Arthritis Institute at Good Samaritan Hospital 637 South Lucas Avenue 5th

Relative quantification of mRNA: comparison of methods

Estimation of IL-1β and IL-6 expression using the Kruskal-Wallis test showed that differences between the experimental groups were highly significant (P ≤ 0 01 using the LinRegPCR method with individual E values and P ≤ 0 001 with all other methods) Estimation of the difference in IL-1β and IL-6 expression between the group Un (untreated colitic animals) and the other groups of animals

Chapter 5 Ratio and Product Methods of Estimation

Ratio and Product Methods of Estimation An important objective in any statistical estimation procedure is to obtain the estimators of parameters of interest with more precision It is also well understood that incorporation of more information in the estimation procedure yields better estimators provided the information is valid and proper Use of such auxiliary information is made through

The assessment of gestational age: a comparison of

Geerts L Poggenpoel E Theron G A comparison of pregnancy dating methods commonly used in South Africa: a prospective study S Afr Med J 2013 103:552–6 Article Google Scholar 5 Karl S Li Wai Suen CS Unger HW Ome-Kaius M Mola G White L Wangnapi RA Rogerson SJ Mueller I preterm or not - an evaluation of estimates of gestational age in a cohort of women from rural Papua New Guinea

Construction Cost Estimating Methods

The agreement of the estimated cost with the actual cost will depend on accurate use of estimating methods and correct visualization of the work as it will be done Importance of correct estimating is obvious Under-estimating may result in the client getting an unpleasant shock when tenders are opened and drastically modifying or abandoning the work at that stage Over-estimating may lose

SAR Observation Error Estimation Based on Maximum

In this study the transmitted signal is a stepped frequency electromagnetic signal let denote the wavenumber of transmitted signal which is a variable Let denote the velocity of light denote the frequency of transmitted signal and and denote the minimum frequency and maximum frequency of transmitted signal Let denote the imaging scene the echo signal of all target scattering points in

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