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Steel City Landscape Inc 's professional staff can consult with you and offer real solutions to dry up soggy yards divert spring water channel rain runoff and keep your basement dry Some of the water diversion applications we implement are French drains (a ditch lined with permeable fabric perforated pipe placed at bottom gravel or limestone fill) open culverts or swales catch basins


Drainage - French Drains French drains are by far the most misunderstood type of drainage solution that we install at Petty's Irrigation and Landscape Likewise the term "French drain" is frequently misused to describe a surface drain or catch basin With that said I am astonished that in all of my years working in the landscape industry not a single person has ever asked me why

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05 09 2013If a french drain is correctly built with good filter fabric covering the washed gravel completely surrounding the pipe top bottom and sides it can be covered with enough soil to grow grass and you wouldn't even know the drain is there I think the best method is to put the fabric in first all the way to the bottom of the trench but leave enough fabric slack on each side to fold over the

Do It Yourself French Drain

A French drain drain tile perimeter drain or land drain is a trench covered with gravel or rock that redirects surface and groundwater away from an area A French drain can have hollow pipes along the bottom (see images) to quickly vent water that seeps down through the upper gravel or rock French drains are common drainage systems primarily used to prevent ground and surface water from

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One way to get rid of excess water is to install a French drain A French drain consists of a perforated drainage tube placed into a trench filled with loose gravel or rock that's designed to TongWei water away from wet areas and disperse it into dry areas Before installing a French drain it's important for contractors to figure out what kind of drainage problems they're dealing with

Landscape Fabric Vs Drain Field Fabric

The main difference between landscape fabric and drain field fabric is the way in which the product is used As the name implies landscape fabric's design makes it ideal for laying in gardens and landscape projects Landscape fabric helps retain soil and deter weeds Once in place the fabric gets topped with some type of ground cover like cedar chips or decorative stone

Geo Fabric and French Drains the TRUTH

Geo Fabric and French Drains the TRUTH – The French Drain Man This is a video I've been meaning to put some time aside and do for you the homeowners the DIY guys and even the homeowners that are shopping for a drainage system What to ask for what the tell your contractor you want Actually you're the customer they're not willing to do it hire somebody else You do want a

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Unlike other landscape projects like paver patios and beautiful plant beds it seems very straightforward and easy to do This is a myth To do an outdoor drainage project such as a swale or french drain or tubing you need to have a clear plan and experienced installers The minimum cost for an outdoor drainage project with KG Landscape is

NDS EZflow Gravel

EZflow French Drain 15 in Mesh w/ 6 in Slotted Pipe is available to buy in increments of 10 Details EZflow gravel-free french drains provide exceptional performance for a variety of applications including retaining walls landscape drains foundation and footing perimeter drains and sports fields

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Slope the French drain to carry the water down to its destination Dig a horizontal trench across the length of the slope heading in the direction of the soak away This type of drain need only be about 6 wide and 12 deep Before filling with gravel line the trench with landscape fabric to keep earth out of the gravel to allow water to percolate through easily Shovel coarse gravel onto the

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Never direct a French drain or any other drainage improvement to a neighbor's property The most important part of the French drain is the slope Maintaining a reasonable slope ensures that the runoff will follow the drain The drain tube itself is covered with permeable landscape fabric The idea is to allow for water to flow through while blocking fine soil that could clog up the holes in

How to Build a French Drain

French drain gravel should be washed three quarter inch minimum and as large as 1 " crushed stone The upper 12 inches above the pipe shall be filled with native soil to avoid having crushed stone over the perforated pipe that could damage the pipe It is important to place the gravel around the pipe because they will filter any sediment that the geotextile is not able to remove

Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric reduces the air reaching the soil and prevents any new organic matter from getting to the surface of the soil It does not TongWei long and the dew worms microbes and other soil life which depends on air and food either leave or die When this happens there is a reduction of nutrients for your plants and soil structure starts to degrade Neither is good for your plants


A french drain is a method of eliminating boggy areas in your landscape by draining the water away using gravel or perforated pipe buried in gravel The most important thing about building your french drain using our product or any perforated pipe is to make sure that you have a barrier to keep the dirt out Otherwise your pipe will fill with dirt and will not work to drain properly In order

Landscape fabric for french drain

03 10 2017When I did my 100ft long french drain in clay soil i dug the trench and put landscape fabtic down put a few inches of river rick down then layed the perforated pre sock wrapped pipe i got off Amazon filled in the rest of the trench with river rock snd burrito wrapped it with the rest of the lanscaping fabric and covered the rest of the trench with 5 to 6 inches of dirt

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Learn how to make a simple French drain with gravel and landscape fabric How to End a French Drain French drains direct water away from important areas on your property such as buildings and gardens so that standing water does not cause any damage The drains consist of lined trenches that sit on an incline and aim the water downhill toward some sort of outlet To end a French drain

2020 Drainage System Cost

Yard Basement French Drain Installation Cost The average cost of a drainage system in a yard is $1 000 to $4 000 An underground downspout drainage system costs $150 to $350 per downspout A basement or interior perimeter drain tile system costs $4 000 to $12 000 Exterior weeping tile installation costs $1 500 to $4 000 per side of house

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In a home lawn or landscape a French drain involves digging a substantial trench along the length of where there is standing water that persists well after a rain You line the trench with filter fabric (this allows water in but tries to keep sediment out) and fill partially with gravel Then lay slotted drain pipe that is sleeved with filter fabric along the length of the trench Finish

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You will need to line the trench with landscape fabric before applying gravel This fabric will help you keep dirt out of the gravel The gravel needs to be porous to promote the water flow To complete the french drain fill the rest of the trench with coarse sand covered by landscape fabric

How to Build a French Drain

How to Install a French Drain Call the 811 hotline to have underground utilities marked Dig the trench system Line the trench with landscape fabric The fabric should be wide enough to extend 1 foot past the tops of the trench walls on both sides Temporarily pin the excess in place with nails or landscape fabric

French Drain Sock Or Landscape Fabric

French Drain Sock Or Landscape Fabric By Rona On March 18 2015 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ French Drain Sock Or Landscape Fabric 5 / 5 ( 1 votes ) Drainage american irrigation services do it yourself french drain pipe sock with a french drain x 50 ft polypropylene perforated pipe french drain ez drain french installation the Drainage American Irrigation Services Don T Use A Drain Sleeve Pipe Sock

French Drain Vs Trench Drain Vs Swale

If you are dealing with water issues on your property installing a French drain trench drain or swale could be just the solution you're looking for However every property is different and there are other solutions available as well Why not have us TongWei a look? We'd be happy to come out evaluate your situation and suggest options that fit your needs and your budget You can reach us

How to Install a French Drain in Your Landscaping

A landscaping French drain is a gravel-filled trench lined with landscape fabric to keep soil and silt out of the gravel While some types of these drains include a perforated drain pipe (sometimes called drain tile) and may be covered with grass the traditional French drain is simpler and easier to build

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