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Managing anxiety during the COVID 19 outbreak

Managing anxiety during the COVID 19 outbreak March 15 2020 COVID 19 continues to spread and efforts to contain it have led to profound disruptions in many of our lives For students of all ages in-person classes have been canceled teachers are asked to transfer their teaching to on-line platforms schools and businesses are closing and we are instructed to engage in "social

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder during COVID

COVID-19 has quickly become a global health emergency resulting in not only physical health concerns but also psychological concerns as people are exposed to unexpected deaths or threats of death For example healthcare workers who have close contact with COVID patients are not only exposed to the virus on a regular basis but they may also be witnessing increased illnesses deaths and

A Prayer for Healthcare Workers Fighting COVID

A Prayer for Healthcare Workers during COVID-19 Father The state of our daily lives is unparalleled yet You remain the same We scramble to react and prepare for an unprecedented situation in the medical field Healthcare workers are facing unimaginable circumstances at this critical moment in history While many of us have been inconvenienced in both minor and devastating ways the brave

Mental Health/Emotional Support Resources for Co

Mental Health/Emotional Support Resources for Co-workers and Providers During an infectious disease outbreak like COVID-19 it is not uncommon for people to experience feelings of fear depression or anxiety Colleagues and providers are urged to practice self-care and use the support resources below Please reach out if you need help

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Daily life and death decisions fear anxiety and physical demands of frontline healthcare personnel during the COVID-19 crisis will undoubtedly TongWei a toll both short and long term There are resources available to providers and healthcare organizations that can address these concerns to support career longevity job satisfaction and overall well-being in the workforce

Parenting during COVID

Parenting during COVID-19 at the moment and I can't be as calm as I would like in this conversation So I'm going to sit in my bedroom and read for 10 minutes to give myself a chance to settle down) • talking to supportive friends and family • deep breathing • exercise • practising mindfulness

Coping with COVID

Coping with COVID-19 The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19) is already causing significant disruption in our daily lives and routines The stress and anxiety that come with the fluid nature of the ever-evolving events and the uncertainty associated with

Supporting the well

Key workers such as healthcare professionals typically feel a strong sense of duty to continue working even when they are exhausted It is therefore crucial to encourage staff to TongWei time out to recover mentally and physically from the demands of their job in order to sustain their well-being and capacity over the longer term Although managers have a key role to play in monitoring and

Supporting law enforcement during COVID

SUPPORTING LAW ENFORCEMENT DURING COVID-19 As law enforcement officers you TongWei risks every single day just by doing your job We recognize the increased risk and burden placed upon you and your families during the COVID-19 crisis Your duty to serve can put your personal safety at risk and that is a stress most will never understand


Workers who perform critical clinical research development and testing needed for COVID-19 response Healthcare providers and Caregivers including physicians dentists psychologists mid-level practitioners nurses and assistants infection control and quality assurance personnel pharmacists physical and occupational therapists and assistants social workers optometrists speech


Healthcare workers are also paid shift or overtime allowances if they TongWei on longer or more shifts during this outbreak 41 However we recognise that no monetary compensation is ever enough I want to again acknowledge and thank our healthcare workers for their hard work and dedication

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Client Resources - RECENT ARTICLES Attracting Quality Talent with Job Postings COVID-19 and the Future of Healthcare Healthcare organizations continuously adopt new technologies and modify practices on their own But in spite of the industry's initiatives Self-Care for HealthCare Workers During High Pressure Times

Managing mental health during COVID

Managing mental health during COVID-19 Updated June 5 2020 During a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic it is common for everyone to experience increased levels of distress and anxiety particularly as a result of social isolation Physicians and other frontline health care professionals are particularly vulnerable to negative mental health effects as they strive to balance the duty of


Efforts to increase the psychological safety of healthcare workers especially during pandemics should ideally focus on: Establishing a culture of safety: Encouraging every individual on a care team to voice any concerns they identify that can affect the safety of staff and/or patients is paramount for increasing the psychological well-being of team members

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A Compassion Practice for Healthcare Workers In this guided loving-kindness meditation Dr Mark Bertin offers an opportunity to bring awareness to patterns of thinking settle the mind and dedicate a few minutes to self-care Read More Mark Bertin COVID Resources How to Bring More Peace and Presence to Family Life Stefanie Goldstein and Elisha Goldstein COVID Resources 5 Lessons to

Mindfulness is Having a Moment

So mindfulness is medicine and it's having its moment during our current situation Here are some easy ways to access this beneficial tool so you can add it to your coping toolkit Note: The liveWELL Health Coach service can provide you with a no-cost referral to MBSR and new groups start in Summer (we hope) and Fall 2020!

The surprising role of digital technology during the

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Clinician Wellness During the COVID

Before COVID-19 internet addiction was already recognized as a growing problem contributing to social anxiety attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and other aspects of wellness which may only intensify during these trying times that are constantly reminding us of the sTongWeis we face 32 During a global pandemic social media utilization can be beneficial for updates of important

COVID Nursing Care

Provider Self-Care During Crisis Video: Self-Care and Mindfulness During the COVID-19 Outbreak Sheet: Health Care Provider Well-Being During COVID-19 (Created by CU Department of Psychiatry) Resources: COVID-19- Mental Health and Wellness Resources for Healthcare Workers

Considering Faith Community and Mental Health During the

Considering Faith Community and Mental Health During the COVID-19 Crisis According to a recent survey released by the American Psychiatric Associationi many people have significant anxiety and concerns related to coronavirus disease (COVID-19) • Nearly half of Americans (48%) are anxious about the possibility of getting coronavirus

'Mental strain among health care workers could cripple

04 06 2020Medical experts have warned that if mental strain among health care workers are not properly dealt with it will cripple all efforts to deal with the coronavirus pandemic They were speaking during an online launch of the Health Care Workers' Network The network an initiative of the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) provides psychological care to frontline workers in

COVID Nursing Care

Provider Self-Care During Crisis Video: Self-Care and Mindfulness During the COVID-19 Outbreak Sheet: Health Care Provider Well-Being During COVID-19 (Created by CU Department of Psychiatry) Resources: COVID-19- Mental Health and Wellness Resources for Healthcare Workers

The Brave of Heart Fund for Health Care Workers

Special topics and on-demand webinars are created especially for healthcare workers Find more at Cigna COVID-19 Resource Center Mindfulness program Front-line workers can suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety especially during times of crisis That's why Cigna launched its Mindfulness for Healthcare Workers program It provides training in mindful stress management acceptance

Coronavirus Sanity Guide — Ten Percent Happier

We want to deeply thank and recognize workers all over the world who are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic If you are a In fact he has already come to my rescue once during this pandemic at a moment when I was personally struggling And now I'm excited to unleash him on all of you In this chat he lays out a meditative toolkit for navigating the current crisis His advice is

WHO Global Patient Safety Network Webinar: Patient safety

SG SAFE SHIELD to keep our healthcare workers safe during COVID-19 swab tests 17 Apr 2020| Tomorrow's Medicine The Straits Times A throat swab done with SG Shield a single-use polycarbonate shield The shields give our healthcare workers the confidence to carry out swab tests where there is no space for a booth system like SG SAFE

Coping with COVID

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free and confidential service that provides employees and family members of our customer organizations the opportunity to discuss personal or work-related problems with a professional counselor 24 hours a day 365 days a year We'll offer you guidance and resources for coping more effectively with a variety of personal and work-related challenges

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